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Dedication to quality

About us


Safety Security Products Company is a product line company focused on selling B2B, primarily to dealers and distributors. 

Operating as a division of Profile Plastics, Inc. located in Lake Bluff, IL, Safety Security Products will utilize the manufacturing capability and thermoforming quality of Profile Plastics. Profile has been a major player in the custom thermoforming market for over 50 years and specializes in highly cosmetic, close tolerance parts and assemblies.

The safety and security mirror product line was recently acquired from Plasticade/American Store
Fixtures, an Illinois neighbor, in January 2013. The addition of the product line will be beneficial to
both the company and customers. There will be no changes to the outstanding, high quality mirror
line that Plasticade has pioneered for the last 20 years.

We are committed to quick delivery of the high quality, cost competitive mirrors. Give us a call at
800-229-4280 or email at


Mirror Tip:

NEVER clean an acrylic mirror with paper towels ... use an old t-shirt instead! They work great.

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